14 Years
2008 - 2021
Dust, sweat & gears
NAT Power
NAT Power are entered in the Elephant Charge 2021

NAT Power have entered 1 charge since 2019 .

The team's best leg was the Fuchs Elephant Charge 2019 when they charged from Toyota Zambia to Turaco in 1.32km, 468m or 1.55 times over the straight line distance of 0.85km. They were 7th place out of 15 teams on this leg.

  • Winner of the Rhino Charge Trophy for Spirit of the Charge (2019)

Entered in a green 2019 Custom Patrol Y61, Electric Motor IP65 as car no 42. Completed 7 checkpoints and were placed 22th out of 28 entires overall.
  • Rhino Charge Trophy Spirit of the Charge
  • 3rd place for the shortest distance by an international team