13 Years
2008 - 2020
Dust, sweat & gears
Just Beer  entered as Celtic Just Beer in the Fuchs Elephant Charge 2018
Entered their 8th charge in a white Nissan Patrol and completed 6 checkpoints in a competition distance of 22.63km raising $1,000 for conservation in Zambia.
  • 17th place for the shortest distance on tsetse line 1
  • 22th place for the shortest overall distance
  • 23th place for the shortest net distance
  • 24th place for the shortest distance on the gauntlet
  • 26th place for most money raised for conservation
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17th of 20 4.22km in 1 hour 41 minutes
Leg no: 1
1.75 times the leg distance of 2.41km
at an average 2.5kmh
over 1 hour 41 minutes
1,036m minimum elevation
1,099m maximum elevation
1st FQMO Roads Rubble 3.73km
2nd Mudhogs 3.73km
3rd Dirty 1/2 Dozen 3.83km
4th Carnivores 3.84km
5th Daisy & the Duchesses 4.06km
6th Baby Elephants 4.07km
13th of 20 4.55km in 54 minutes
Leg no: 2
2.79 times the leg distance of 1.63km
at an average 5.0kmh
over 54 minutes
980m minimum elevation
1,070m maximum elevation
1st Camel 2.41km
2nd FQMO Roads Rubble 2.52km
3rd Carnivores 2.53km
4th Quinn + Tonik 2.65km
5th Baby Elephants 2.84km
6th Bushtracks 2.88km
3rd of 9 3.38km in 1 hour 6 minutes
Leg no: 3
1.78 times the leg distance of 1.90km
at an average 3.1kmh
over 1 hour 6 minutes
980m minimum elevation
1,036m maximum elevation
1st Autoworld 2.60km
2nd Mudhogs 3.26km
3rd Celtic Just Beer 3.38km
4th Bushtracks 3.43km
5th Dirt Herders 3.62km
6th Daisy & the Duchesses 3.74km
1st of 2 1.90km in 3 hours 18 minutes
Leg no: 4
2.02 times the leg distance of 941m
at an average 0.6kmh
over 3 hours 18 minutes
991m minimum elevation
1,017m maximum elevation
1st Celtic Just Beer 1.90km
2nd Umlilo 6.64km
20th of 21 2.86km in 22 minutes
Leg no: 5
9.96 times the leg distance of 287m
at an average 7.9kmh
over 22 minutes
997m minimum elevation
1,018m maximum elevation
1st Autoworld 1.68km
2nd Camel 1.94km
3rd The Crazy Penguins 1.96km
4th FQMO Roads Rubble 1.99km
5th Dirt Herders 2.08km
6th GOGA 2.09km